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Ocean Sunrise Wall Lamp

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The Ocean Sunrise Wall Lamp is the final chapter of THESHAW's Future Vestige series. It is the serendipitous end of a long story. It captures the beauty of the sunrise, born out of the deepest darkness, infused with a colourful halo and beams of brilliance only found in nature. Much like a soft stream of colour appears where the sky and oceans meet, this wall lamp dazzles with its spectrum of lights. Made up of 15 iridescent cubes, by day, they reflect the phantom features of the world with elegance, and by night dream-like hues spill from them. Best placed on a blank white wall, it acts as a crowning feature to be admired both near and far. The Future Vestige series is a philosophical endeavour about freeing one's spirit. To no longer have your consciousness tethered to technology or rationality. Instead to only exist between time, space, the surging tides, and illusions of the mind. • Colourful wall lamp • Rainbow projection • Slow-craft homeware

About the artisan

The Sanctuary light series is Shaw Liu’s first collection since opening her studio. She fondly remembers working in her studios late at night, looking out in awe of the bright moon in the sky and feeling overcome with gratitude. She too wants to leave behind a golden halo to light up the world.

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