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Ariane Ginwala

Elliptical Teak Bed

£ 5,510.00 GBP
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The Elliptical Teak Bed is a timeless and stylish addition to any bedroom. Designer Ariane Thakore Ginwala took inspiration from classic Indian cane beds, reimagining its silhouette in a more contemporary fashion while still weaving in vintage design elements. Crafted using reclaimed teak and antique legs, each bed is one of a kind. The choice of materials demonstrates a stunning contrast of texture, creating a focal point within the bedroom while maintaining an understated elegance. This bed frame is made for discerning design enthusiasts who value comfort and quality and establishes the foundation for a grounded and calming atmosphere. _ Reclaimed teak bed frame _ Cane headboard _ Antique legs

About the artisan

"My mother taught us the value of handmade items and the soulfulness that they possess. This is imperative to who I am as a designer."

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