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Ariane Ginwala

Droplet Lounge Chair

£ 1,950.00 GBP
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Experience a tranquil oasis in the presence of our Droplet Lounge Chair. This lush lounge chair accentuates the natural beauty of dark, reclaimed teak wood, contrasted by its multi-coloured tweed fabric. Combining modern design elements with retro accents creates an eye-catching feature in any living room. Even better, its generous size provides you with ultimate comfort and support. The Droplet Lounge Chair is the perfect choice for the discerning homeowner who desires furniture that stands out from the rest. Perfect for adding character and bringing life to any living space, the Droplet Lounge Chair can also be paired with the Droplet Dining Chair for a cohesive look and feel. _ Reclaimed teak lounge chair _ Colourful design _ Individually handmade

About the artisan

"My mother taught us the value of handmade items and the soulfulness that they possess. This is imperative to who I am as a designer."

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