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Ariane Ginwala

Droplet Desk

£ 2,880.00 GBP
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Ariane Thakore Ginwala's Droplet Desk is the quintessential blend of contemporary and classic style. Its reclaimed teak construction is hand-crafted by expert artisans, ensuring every piece is created with the utmost attention to detail. The impressive timberwork ensures that this stunning piece of furniture will age beautifully over time. The spherical accent on each leg brings visual intrigue and beautifully frames the desk. With an ample surface area suitable for all tasks, it makes for an inviting yet serious atmosphere that addresses all your productivity needs in the home office. _ Reclaimed teak desk _ Handcrafted woodwork _ Timeless design

About the artisan

"My mother taught us the value of handmade items and the soulfulness that they possess. This is imperative to who I am as a designer."

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