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Crinkled Steel Vertical Cabinet

£ 14,120.00 GBP
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The design studio Suyab has been known to take inspiration from far and wide. Construction sites, steel cladding, rocks and bamboo have all inspired the modern homeware designer, Jo Zhu. This imposing architectural storage cabinet is no exception, crafted from high-shine crinkled steel, sitting atop a slender set of wooden legs. The exquisite steel doors open to reveal spacious internal shelving with a cherry red vegan leather back panel, an ideal choice for the conscientious shopper. A formidable statement piece that is far from minimal, it is for the maximal home. • Vegan-friendly cabinet • Architectural, modern design • Spacious storage

About the artisan

Attracted by the allure of unexpected textures and contrasting materials, Suyab creates for the sake of evolution.

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