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E+ Ceramics


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A spiritual awakening for Enjee of +e Ceramics. This piece was first born from spontaneous expression, a tidal wave of improvisation that could only be revealed through the subconscious. As she crafted this vase, all she could recall was that her mind went blank as she created lines rippling outwards. When she came out of this artistic trance, the pattern reminded her of the rings in a tree trunk, boasting a great many years of life. She named this series "Awakening' for that very reason, as it represents the power of the unconscious mind. Each piece of pottery is handcrafted to order; no two are alike. Available in two colours. - Celebration of spirituality - Crafted by hand - Beautifully tactile

About the artisan

Inherently wabi-sabi by nature, E+ Ceramics takes it back to basics with handcrafted ceramics made one by one in her artist's studio.

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