Open Plan Living By PUJU Design

Designer Talk
March 23, 2021
Mavis Zhou

PUJU Design creates a Japandi open plan space that not only accommodates the humans, but furry friends that dwell within it.

Generally, the younger generation tends to rent their properties, but on this occasion, a young and care-free client came to PUJUDesign with the request for a limitless and artistic space for her owned property in the city. The studio approached this project by building up a refined, personalised and sincere life experience, that speaks to an artistic life.

Entrance porch © ingallery
Entrance porch © ingallery

The 60-square-meter design began with removing all the non-structural elements to enrich the space with its authenticity. Once this process was complete, only minimal materials were used and everything else was left in the open space.

Minimalist living room © ingallery
Design space for pets © ingallery
Design space for pets © ingallery

This design has a cluster of artistic objects and features a short wall, curtain, closet and table-top to resemble the theatrical art installations performance in the museum.

Bedroom and kitchen are separated from living area by soft partition © ingallery
Kitchen and dining room © ingallery
Bedroom © ingallery
Refined details © ingallery
Minimal, versatile and spacious. A home that feels unconstrained.