A Flawless Zen Yoga Interior That Inspires Tranquility

May 5, 2021
Emily Wordsworth

A studio owned by a young couple who both love yoga. A hobby that flourished into a way of life. The Yushe Yoga and Pilates exudes beautiful clean surfaces that lend themself to the zen practice of yoga —using holistic design concepts to create a simple yoga space, a material tone that ebbs and flows through every room. Each surface within the studio is streamlined, functional and oozes with japandi aesthetics. Rooms cleverly contain invisible cabinets, allowing seamless storage of yoga equipment without hindering the ultra-minimal nature of the space.

Almost meditative, this yoga studio has a rhythm that quells any urgency felt from the outside world.It has a slow, intentional spirit, expressed with quiet spaces, that inadvertently nourishes those who visit the space. Yoga can be seen as a cure for life, improving quality of life, allowing you to understand your energy, help the body find balance, opening a dialogue with intuition, and, most importantly, treating the physical, mental and emotional pain points of modern society. The essence of yoga is to seek spiritual peace by controlling thoughts and actions, which is also the very intention of this space. 

Yanyu Interior Design is behind the graceful execution of the interior design. They gently guide people into the world of yoga through materials, colours, textures and lighting, allowing comfort and warmth to permeate the space and allowing yoga goers to ease into the session.They are thoughtful in creating rooms that lend themselves to different kinds of yoga and meditative practices. Rooms to experience white noise emitted by singing bowls, rooms to allow silence to permeate you, rooms to be at ease in.

Soft lighting is essential to the space. Corridors are dimly lit, with strips of guiding lights inlay into the walls. Yoga rooms are bathed in an even natural light that brings both a sense of awakening and serenity. Curved walls also soften the space, giving a cave-like feeling that evokes peace of mind. Each room is seamless, with no objects out of place. Sinks, storage and lighting never jutting out but placed harmoniously.

Photo credit: All images by Shenzhen Yanyu Interior Design Co., Ltd

Demonstrating the fine art of balancing light, material and a less is more approach.