Design Trends That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Table Talks
February 11, 2021
Emily Wordsworth

The world of design can be transient and evolving, a revolving door of trends that coincide with culture, fashion and the landscape of living demands. Just take kitchen design for one. The design world and Pinterest alike went from praising marble and granite countertops one day to pushing quartz and white concrete the next. Furniture trends matter, but some things are just evergreen. We spoke to the Co-founders of Living in Design to ask them what modern-day trends will stand the test of time.

The Blending of East & West Aesthetics

"Even in times of COVID, the world continues to grow more and more global. Our cultural sensibilities are stronger than ever. I believe that those cultural nuances and appreciation for the blending of two worlds will become more present in the modern home." - Wilfrid

Vegan Substitutes

"When we think of veganism, our mind goes to food. However, vegan substitutions are just as crucial when it comes to homeware. In 2019, the first vegan-friendly hotel room came to market, filled with purely plant-based and sustainable furnishings. This is the future! We will break the pattern of taking resources that are not ours in the first place. As synthetic materials become more advanced and luxurious, substituting the leather sofa you like for vegan leather will be as easy as clicking a button. Something we've made more accessible in our collective." - Mavis


"Storytelling has a universal pull that captivates all. In furniture, it's no different, and we feel strongly that that's important. It's the reason why we've curated a collection of homeware that is more than its functionality. Owning furniture created by artisans like ours is owning a piece of history, celebrating an innovation or retelling a narrative that encapsulates its creator. Having the story is almost as remarkable as the work itself." - Wilfrid


"This hybrid trend of Scandanavian and Japanese design first hit the zeitgeist in 2017, but it's not one that will go out of fashion anytime soon. It's timeless elegance, and simplicity washes a calm over any space and makes minimalism feel warm rather than bare. The best of both worlds, it's a lifestyle expression that invites quiet confidence and a beautiful nonchalance." - Mavis


"The idea of sustainability has solidified its place in the future of design. Before it would be about the finest materials and its big-name creator. More emphasis is placed on how we can improve the world using such methods in today's landscape. Just looking at the vast amount of masks used in 2020, furniture designers are already finding ways to up-cycle them and divert them from landfills. The future will be about sharing and the planet. Architects will no longer tear down trees to create homes, but build amongst them, inviting natural elements into modern design. Sustainability is, thankfully, here to stay." - Wilfrid


"The word heirlooms can often conjure up images of stuffy or antiquated furniture. Whilst the narrative of homeware being disposable and transient has dominated our minds; times are shifting. Crafted to last, modern and evergreen, we see a shift to furnishings that endure. More than ever, people are outfitting their homes with pieces that travel with them between apartments, countries and now families. A storied cabinet from the far East that takes on an entirely new tale of childhood memories and generational bond." - Mavis

The future will be about sharing with the planet. Architects will no longer tear down trees to create homes, but build amongst them.