A Restaurant Designed For Social Distancing

February 4, 2021
Mavis Zhou

Those in the hospitality industry need to take the necessary actions to adapt their furniture to the new covid-19 era. Worldwide, this industry has been affected by the coronavirus and questions have been circulating as to how exactly the industry will adapt our treasured and beloved public spaces to a post covid-19 era. It is more than likely; our social spaces will need an inevitable change. Which means it is vital to understand “social distancing” to develop for our future in this unprecedented pandemic.

The situation as it stands calls for proper architectural solutions in response to the pandemic, Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio has conceptualised India’s first covid-19 response restaurant for their Asian New Delhi Social branch.

Image by Niveditaa Gupta
Image by Niveditaa Gupta
Image by Niveditaa Gupta

This design is what the market is now demanding, known to be a space conceptualised pre-pandemic, designed during and for the pandemic, and sustainable for the future. The restaurant has a safe and relaxed dining appeal, featuring seating zones and high impact experiences at elevated levels.

Elevated seating area - Image by Niveditaa Gupta
Steel framing furnished with wood - Image by Niveditaa Gupta
A safe "social distancing" seat arrangement - Image by Niveditaa Gupta
Safe seating arrangments, elevated levels and alcoves for privacy. A thoughtful Wabi-Sabi style interior for unprecedented times.