Murat Paşalıoğlu
Murat Paşalıoğlu

My family's devotion to carpet craft existed long before my time. In many ways, it informed my view of the world. Together we've been weaving carpets of illustrious colours and patterns since the 70s. With such an enduring legacy, it has almost become a part of our family tree. Growing up amidst it all, I became an astute observer, getting lost in intricate designs that lined the workshop and our home. This experience and expert know-how has been lovingly passed down through generations with great pride.


To this day, I still find joy in a beautifully textured rug that is carefully woven together. Using my watchful eye to draw inspiration from my culture and contemporary living, my team and I use the world around us to shape each carpet collection. Taking notes from everywhere, including fashion and nature. Along with a meticulous research process and decades of weaving expertise, we are able to deliver a variety of carpet styles that cater to the whims of every individual's home.

With an extensive catalogue of colours, patterns and designs, Murat's carpets and rugs cater to various interior design styles, making the art of storytelling within your home a personal one.

Taking notes from the ever-changing landscape of fashion and nature, these designs reflect our contemporary lives.

A good carpet is much like a frame to a picture.

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